Why choose organic chicken?

Its all about taste and health

Certified Organic chicken means so much more then free range chicken.

To be Certified as Organic is the highest and purest form to breed animals and process food. It’s the diet that the chickens have , the stress free environment, the movement and the slower growing process that creates a healthy product with a beautiful taste. 

The chicken feed we use contains only naturally ingredients including wheat, maize, soya and barley. The ingredients in organic feed are chemical free and there are no growth stimulators or genetically  engineered food used . We do not treat our chickens with anti-biotics. The lush green pastures, where our chicken happily peck, are free from fertilizer and the wood shavings in their ample indoor housing are untreated.

They are able to access outdoor paddocks 24/7. They exhibit natural chicken behaviour: dust bathing, roosting, eating grass, sleeping at night in the dark because we do not use artificial lights.

Before our chickens are packaged ready for you, they are washed with a natural product based on citrus and vegetable ingredients, this is in line with organic standards and ensures that there will be no chemicals used at all with our chickens.

How does certification work?

Strict standards of quality for growing, handling and production have to be met before Certification is gained.

AsureQuality is a governmental world class association of food safety and biosecurity service. They accredit farmers to be certified as they independently inspect, audit and certify the farm, food products, premises AND processes from the farm right through to the supermarket shelf.

Written, day-to-day farming and marketing records, covering all activities, must be available for inspection at any time.

Our registration number is 888

Click here to view our AsureQuality Certificate