The chickens are just so lovely and tasty. I am very aware of the impact on the environment of commercial farming I feel how these chix are raised makes so much more enjoyable to eat knowing they are raised with care.

Sue, Devonport

It’s not until you visit Kipdale farm and view first hand what a wonderful job Harold and his family do, that you learn to appreciate a great product.

Their chickens are small batch farmed, they are free to going anywhere they choose, they sleep by night and eat at their own pace. What does this do to the end product? It tastes like chicken used to taste.

They have flavour and moistness like no other.

Yes you may have to pay more - but is it worth it in the long run It has to be!

Michael Van de Elzen

 Michael Van de Elzen

I only eat organic chicken and Kipdale Chicken is especially tasty and delicious. It does not have any chemicals.

Lorraine Drury

I visited the family Melis from Holland and could have a look at the farm, it is great to see how the chicken are raised and I was impressed by the space they have to room I never ate such a Super yummy chicken as these.

Willemijn Vlieg

When I was a young  girl we had a lifestyle block and had our own chickens, ducks, goats, a cow and a pig. I remember how wonderful it was to care for the animals. I also remember being involved in the process of plucking the chicken after dad had 'dispatched' it for the dinner table. As a child, I was aware of how we got the food on our plate and grew to have a deep respect for animal welfare.

It's wonderful to be able to purchase and enjoy your delicious chicken and know that the chickens have been so well raised.

Kind regards,
Susanne Schrader