Frequently Asked Questions

What do you feed your chickens?
A completely certified organic feed, free of, antibiotics and chemicals. They eat natural grains including wheat, soya, maize and barley. They have access to the paddocks and so they eat grass and little insects.

Can they go outside whenever they want to?
Yes, they have access to lush green paddocks day and night. They can easily access the outdoors as they are kept in small flocks. Organic standards ensure no flock is larger than 1, 500. In free range farming 25,000 chickens can be kept in one barn. We see that having small flocks and heaps of space for them to move ensures good relationships within the flocks and lots of natural exercise for the chickens.

Why is organic chicken better for my family and me?
It has better nutrition (higher levels of  protein and omega 3), its chemical free, its antibiotic free, its GM free, its an ethical product because its better for the environment and the benefit for you is that it TASTES SO MUCH BETTER as a result.

Why is certified organic chicken more expensive then free range chicken?
As a certified organic farmer we have to buy certified organic chicken feed. This feed is almost 2 times more expensive then conventional chicken feed.  Because we have only small flocks our overhead costs are much higher. This all affects the cost price of the product. We advise our customers that quality is more important than quantity. So if your budget is tight you can eat a bit less or buy cheaper pieces like drums or premium thigh.

How do I know if the meat I buy is really organic meat?
You can recognize certified organic meat by its label. There are organizations that are able to certify farmers and their products. Our farm and premises are verified by AsureQuality .
The other one is Biogro.
If you do NOT see the Biogro or AsureQuality label on the product it is not certified.

How can I support the organic movement?
You can support us by telling everybody about organic products and why you choose them. If you are a parent it is great to educate your children about organic food.

What size chicken should I buy for my family of 4?
Well as everyone has different appetite levels that’s hard to say, maybe start with a size 14 and then adjust accordingly, lots of our customers enjoy buying a size 16 to allow them extra meat for salads and sandwiches the next day and don’t forget to use the bones and chicken left overs to make amazing organic stock and soups.

If I have more questions who can I ask?
We are the real deal here at Kipdale Farms, we care about you and we welcome your emails and telephone calls. Life is busy on the farm and here in Clevedon we have very poor cell phone reception so emails are the most reliable way to reach us. We love receiving your emails answering your questions and getting feedback on our products.