Organic Chicken Products for Chefs

‘We have so much in common you are passionate about your product and we about ours’

Dear Chef,    


Kipdale does not supply products to restaurants at the moment, please contact us to discuss future plans.

We are happy to meet you here at our website. If you are looking for a product superior in quality you are on the right address. We, Kipdale Farms, are passionate about certified organic chicken and your consumers with sophisticated palates won’t be disappointed. Knowing that we farm in the purest form and certified by AsureQuality, we stick with strict standards.

Why Certified Organic chicken?
Chicken is a versatile type of meat, you can use it for a lovely diner, a great lunch, salad, stock or base for sauces. More and more people are looking for healthy food so certified organic chicken will absolutely complement your menu because it is pure and has less fat and a fantastic taste. We have great feedback from head chefs, we already supply, and are stunned by the creativity.

What can we offer you?
Most chefs like to have a whole bird as it presents good value because they can use the whole product from head till feed. Other then that we are more then happy to offer you fresh pieces. You can give us your wishes and we will make the cuts according to your requirements. We process every week so you are guaranteed to have a fresh product.


Chef's Testimonial

"It’s not until you visit Kipdale farm and view first hand what a wonderful job Harold and his family do, that you learn to appreciate a great product. Their chickens are small batch farmed, they are free to going anywhere they choose, they sleep by night and eat at their own pace. What does this do to the end product? It tastes like chicken used to taste.

They have flavour and moistness like no other. Yes you may have to pay more - but is it worth it in the long run It has to be!"

Michael Van de Elzen

 Michael Van de Elzen