Organic Chickens vs Free Range Chickens

Free Range Chicken Certified Organic Chicken
Its common that ingredients of the feed are grown with fertilizer and sprayed several times with chemicals.
Ingredients of the feed is certified organic and chemical and fertilizer free.
No guarantee of GE free feed. No genetically engineered feed used.
Raised in flocks up to 25000 in one barn and most of the barns have only artificial light. Raised in flocks with a maximum of 1500 chickens which is all about the wellness of the chicken.
The barns are equipped with natural ventilation curtains and thus the sun has free access to shine in the barns.
Antibiotic permitted. Antibiotic not permitted.
After processing the chickens are dipped in 2 synthetic chemical baths. After processing chickens are sprayed with Citrox (a natural product made of citrus fruit and vegetables).
More inside the barn. They free range more because they are housed in small flocks and have access to the paddocks from two weeks old so that they can start to build up the confidence, that they need to go out.
They become older and grow slower which has a positive effect on taste and quality of the meat.