About Kipdale Farms

Kipdale Farms goes back to the basics, because healthy, tasty food starts with natural farming.
.Quality is in our nature.

Kipdale Farm Organic Chickens Family

In 2006 we emigrated from Holland to New Zealand with our four wonderful children. Looking for more space, life experience and lifestyle. In Clevedon we found a great place to start. Fantastic to experience the hospitality and warm welcome when we just arrived in Clevedon. Thanks! During the whole process we learned valuable lessons in life. Working as a family together was especially in the beginning a strength and a great tool if you move to the other side of the world. In the meantime we were able to  buy our own farm, located in the beautiful area of Mangatangi and Kaiaua. We are passionate about organic farming and keen to make a significant difference in this sector. We offer you and your family an honest, healthy, tasty and top premium chicken

Formulating Kipdale farms has been a life long ambition. I, Harold, grew up on a farm in Holland and all my working life has been caring for animals. My expertise in chicken farming and butchery is vital in the successful running of our Organic free range chicken farm. My attention to detail on the farm means that our chickens have the very best environment. I ensure that our small flocks are nurtured and cared for, just as nature intended.

 I, Marieke, was always impressed by nature it self, it is not a surprise that I love New Zealand. The space, fresh air and opportunities are awesome. As an adult I worked in the Health Care and Education Sector and in NZ I worked for Child and Family organizations. Within Kipdale farms I can utilise these talents and combine these roles. I love to educate people about what makes a certified free range organic chicken so different. I enjoy my sales/marketing role within Kipdale, especially to build up long term relationships with costumers, going that extra mile. I know that every business or customer has different requirements. We are not a factory, but a business with a heart.  

At the end the truth is: "Strong healthy families make strong healthy communities"

We are committed to maintaining high standards and our promise to you is verified by our organic certification status with AsureQuality and registered under number 888

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